The Platin Low Profile Rain Water Storage Tanks

The Platin rain water storage tank is a low profile plastic water storage tank line that is manufactured to consistent, tight tolerances resulting in a product that is of the highest quality, strength, reliability and versatility. Unlike other below ground plastic water storage tank lines, the Platin water storage tank wall thickness is equal all around and is made from Duralen®, a high-quality food grade polyethylene material that is extremely rigid and impact resistant, therefore ideally suited for producing underground water storage tanks. Platin Storage Tanks carry a 15 year manufacturers warranty against defect and Duralen® can be easily recycled which reduces waste and its impact on the environment.


  • Platin Low Profile Rain Water Storage Tanks allow for shallow burial
  • Minimum installation depth means a short installation time and low installation costs
  • Integrated Rainwater Filter technology packages are available that quickly and easily install into the Platin Water Tanks
  • Can be driven over by cars (when combined with the cast iron lid assembly)
  • Groundwater-stable up to the top surface of the water storage tank thanks to extremely stable and rugged design
  • Easy to transport, handle and install on your own schedule, thanks to low weight
  • Secure investment with exceptional strength & durability, long-term corrosion resistance and a 15-year warranty
  • The Platin rain water storage tanks can be easily connected to other Platin Tanks at any time to expand water storage capacity
  • Platin Water Tanks are a one of kind product that can fit under driveways and sloped surfaces, ideal for installing highly beneficial Rainwater Harvesting Systems in urban residential areas and developments
Platin Water Storage Tank Specifications
400 1,514 Request Quote
790 2,990 Request Quote
1,320 4,997 Request Quote
1,980 7,495 Request Quote

Platin Low Profile Rain Water Storage Tanks are a very versatile rain water storage solution. Give Contact Us for details!

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