Rain Water Harvesting & Storage Accessories

Downspout Diverters

diverter-1Downspout Diverters are designed mainly for residential use to avoid build up of sediments and other contaminants inside your rain water storage tank – keeping the water fresher and storage tank cleaning to a minimum.

The Downspout Diverter comes in kit form – just add appropriate length of 3″ or 4″ PVC pipe, depending on the size of kit you have and the size of chamber you need to assemble and install. Note that all collected rain water should pass through a first flush diverter that automatically collects and diverts at least the first 0.02 inches (0.5mm) of rain at the beginning of a rainfall event. The quantity of water diverted is 10.4 gal for 1000 ft of catchment area (50 litres/100m). The diverted water can be discharged to an acceptable location, such as a flower bed or drainage system.


Leaf Eaters Rain Heads

accessory-2Leaf Eaters Rain Heads offer the ultimate high performance economical choice of rain heads for heavy rainfall areas. Designed to filter out debris you can see and prevent them from entering a rain water storage tank or clogging the drainage system, they are normally mounted on the wall below the gutter and just above the top height of your rain water storage tank.

A Flush Downpipe Diverter chamber is usually installed just below the Leaf Eater Rain Head Filter as a secondary cleaning device that removes much of the finer debris that you can’t easily see to ensure that only the cleanest water is entering your rain water storage tank(s).

These rain heads are the #1 choice for above ground rain water filtering devices in the world. You’ll be choosing the best performing product.


Water Tank Level Indicators

Water Tank Level Indicators make it effortless to check on the water level of your rain water harvesting tank without even lifting the lid. If your rain water tank is in a difficult place to access, consider getting a water tank level indicator to monitor your water levels from afar.



accessory-3 accessory-4
This economical quality tank level indicator is easy to install and use. Suitable for all vented tanks up to 100″ in height. Easy to read display dial gauge with a weighted float, suspended on a retractable string line to provide accurate readings. Corrosion resistant so quality lasts for years. The wireless tank level indicator transmits a signal wirelessly to the receiver up to 100 metres away. It measures the water level utilising a reliable solid float system that does not rely on ultrasonic beams so it will not interfere or snag on any internal components. Features an easy read dial with “Empty” and “Full” indicators and is suitable for all vented tanks up to 3 metres tall (includes underground tanks).

Rainwater Harvesting Filters

accessory-5Rainwater Harvesting Filters, filter out leaves and other debris from contaminating the water going into your rain water collection tank or rain barrel.



Divertron Submersible Water Pumps – One of our Complete Line of Application Specific Water Pumps

accessory-6With automatic on/off as a standard feature, this water pump is an easy to use solution for your rainwater harvesting system. Built in sensor measure pressure and flow rate. Dry-run protection is included in this high performance, four-stage water pump design.

The Divertron X model water pump is equipped with a 1″ FPT stainless steel intake fitting for use with floating suction assemblies, while the standard Divertron water pump model has a screened intake around the bottom of the water pump.

No wiring or pump start relay is required for irrigation systems. Connect to a 115V AC outlet with the supplied 48′ power cord. Rated for a max 157′ max Total Dynamic Head (TDH).


EcoRain Water Pumps

ecorain-pump-1The Eco-Rain Water Pump & Control System is specifically designed to control and regulate the entire water supply requirement from a dual city or community water supply and on-site rainwater supply.

The drinking water feeding console is safety-tested in accordance with DIN 1988 and the floating switch-controlled monitoring of the fill level in the rain water storage tank ensures that, in the event the water level in the rain water tank drops below the predefined minimum, city water is automatically provided as needed. As soon as the rain water cistern or water storage tank refills with rain water, the drinking water feed console automatically switches back to rainwater operation.


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