Narrow-Profile Aboveground Rain Water Storage Tanks

Our Narrow-Profile Aboveground Rain Water Storage Tanks aligned to the side of your house, are perfect for those wanting to collect a ton of rain water in a smaller amount of space. These water storage tanks opaque forest green colour blocks out sunlight, thereby preventing algae growth within the water tank. Water storage tanks are also available in white for indoor use. Available in 3 different tank sizes – all of these rain water storage tanks are 29” wide and designed to fit through a standard doorway and also fit nicely against walls and into corners while still providing a stable self-supporting base.

Made from NSA and FDA approved PE resins, certified for potable water storage.

narrow-profile-1 narrow-profile-2

These narrow-profile aboveground rain water storage tanks are freestanding and self-supporting. No need for additional framing except for part #40480. Just connect to your downspout. Additional water storage tanks can be interconnected to increase storage volume.

Narrow-Profile Water Storage Tank Specifications
250 946 $664.30
300 1,136 $824.35
400 1,514 $1,164.25

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