Rain Water Harvesting & Storage Solutions

bushman-round-1Rain Farmers supplies and installs rain water storage tanks, rain water storage and collection accessories and complete rain water storage solutions to the Sunshine Coast, BC and across Canada.

Our goals are water conservation education and to provide our customers with cost effective renewable water supplies that do not deplete our drinking water systems.

Our Rain Water Storage Tanks are manufactured for:
  • highest quality
  • strength
  • reliability
  • versatility
Rain Water Harvesting Storage Systems can be customized and installed:
  • indoors
  • outdoors
  • in limited space
  • above ground
  • below ground

Many of our rain water storage and collection systems offer very easy expansion to customize your rain water system as your household or gardening needs grow.  Rain Farmers can design and meet your specific water storage and collection requirements for a Rain Water Harvesting System, fully installed and ready for the rain!

With many municipalities moving to a “pay for water used” model, Rain Farmers offers rain collection and storage solutions to ease those costly water bills. Rain water is free! Using a free resource to water your lawn and garden or flush your toilet will help to sustain our drinking water resources.

As a member of ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) and CANARM (Canadian Association for Rainwater Management), Rain Farmers supports the education, awareness, connectivity, and rainwater and stormwater management best practices accepted by industry leaders.

Rain Farmers is a Certified Accredited Professional Rainwater Harvester,
Certified by CANARM and ARCSA

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View our full line of Rainwater Collection and Storage Products here or click on a specific tank model below:

Carat S Belowground Tank ~ Top Tank Rainwater Storage ~ Bushman Round Tank
Large Aboveground Rainwater Tank ~ H2OG Aboveground Tank ~ Narrow-Profile Aboveground Tank
Herkules Rainwater Tank ~ Platin Low Profile Rainwater Tank ~ Rainwater Harvesting Accessories

Whatever your water storage needs, Rain Farmers has the rainwater storage tank and accessory products for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Rain Farmers Rainwater Storage Solutions
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