Large Aboveground Rainwater Storage Tanks

In our large aboveground rainwater storage tanks green and black colours reduce algae growth by blocking out the sun. Made with high quality polyethylene resins that meet FDA specifications, these large aboveground rainwater storage tanks offer safe storage of water and are great for collecting the rain. Additional fittings can be added by Rain Farmers before shipping or on-site by qualified personnel.

These rainwater storage tanks are great for large volume storage where space is not an issue.  They are inexpensive and economical too!


Large Rainwater Storage Tank Specifications
165 625 Request Quote
305 1,155 Request Quote
500 1,893 Request Quote
550 2,082 Request Quote
600 2,271 Request Quote
1,000 3,785 Request Quote
2,000 7,571 Request Quote
1,200 – 5,000 4,542 – 18,927 Request Quote

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Whatever your water storage needs, Rain Farmers has the right rainwater storage tank and accessory products.

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