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Our Rain Water Storage Tanks are manufactured to give you a product of the highest quality, strength, reliability, and versatility. Rain Water Storage Systems can be customized for your specific requirements, indoor / outdoor, above or below ground, or limited space. Many of our rain water systems offer very easy expansion to customize your system as your household or gardening needs grow.

Our rain water storage tanks are manufactured out of high quality polyethylene resins or fibreglass reinforced resin, and all of our models are food grade and FDA approved for potable water.  Impact resistant and having a 10 or 15 year manufacturer’s warranty, our water storage tanks are also recyclable which reduces waste and its impact on the environment.

Our rain water systems are very versatile, with potential uses including (but not limited to):

  • Residential & Commercial Rainwater Collection
  • Stormwater Retention / Detention
  • Fire Protection
  • Potable and Non-Potable Water Storage
  • Septic & Sewage Holding
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Pump Chambers

Rain Farmers Price List

Please Note: all prices do not include Installation or Taxes.
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Bushman Round Water Tanks
6 – 8 week delivery
Platin Low Profile Underground Water Tanks
420 Gallon $1,280.00 Prices Coming Soon!
1320 Gallon $2,375,91
2825 Gallon $3,706.56
H2OG Aboveground Water Tanks
6 – 8 week delivery
Herkules Water Tanks
Usually in Stock
50 Gallon $456.50  421 Gallon $690.31
Large Aboveground Water Tanks Narrow Profile Aboveground Water Tanks
2 week delivery
Prices Coming Soon! 250 Gallon $664.30
300 Gallon $824.35
400 Gallon $1,164.25
Carat S Belowground Water Tanks
6 – 8 week delivery
Carat S Belowground Water Tanks
712 Gallon $1,263.30 Full System Price $2,418.98
990 Gallon $1,656.44 Add the cost of the tank (choose from list to the left)
1267 Gallon $1,881.10
1722 Gallon $2,442.63
Top Tanks Water Tanks
Rain Water Accessories
340 Gallon $546.00 Quatro Twist Filter $53.76
Rapidro Diverter $77.78
3″ Leaf Eater $69.00

To see our Rainwater Storage Systems please click on one of the following choices:

Carat S Belowground Tank ~ Top Tank Rainwater Storage ~ Bushman Round Tank
Large Aboveground Rainwater Tank ~ H2OG Aboveground Tank ~ Narrow-Profile Aboveground Tank
Herkules Rainwater Tank ~ Platin Low Profile Rainwater Tank ~ Rainwater Harvesting Accessories

Whatever your water storage needs, Rain Farmers has the rainwater storage tank and accessory products for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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