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tanks-installed-2 Paul de Roy has over 30 years of experience in the installation and maintenance of tanks, septic systems, and drainage management. Paul has seen first hand how the building infrastructure and population growth has put a huge strain on our drinking water.

Paul has lived in the Sunshine Coast, BC since 1992. “A lot has changed with regard to the demand on our water, but not in the supply of our water, something has to give.” – Paul

Rain Farmers’ goal is simple: to educate people and supply them with water that doesn’t deplete our drinking water systems. We need to bring awareness to how much water we use daily and how we can reduce our footprint on our water consumption as a society, while still being able to water our gardens and flush our toilets.

tanks-installed-1Canada’s most precious resource is DRINKING water. We need to prevent a similar situation to what is happening in California, Australia and other parts of the world. Rain Farmers believes that people need to be proactive, before disaster strikes our beautiful country and turns it into a desert.

Many municipalities are moving to a “pay for water used” model, we want to offer a solution to those expensive water costs. Rain water is free! We want to help people to use a free resource to sustain our drinking water.  The rain that falls from the sky may be free, but drinking water is not. Water metering will be coast wide here on the Sunshine Coast, BC in 2016. The summer drought in 2015 is only going to be worse in the coming years. If we don’t take steps to store water, we will be at the whim of the municipalities to tell us when and how we can use our water.

Rain Farmers is a member of ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) and CANARM (Canadian Association for Rainwater Management). Both Associations are resources for education, awareness, training, connectivity, and rainwater and stormwater management best practices. ARCSA and CANARM both promote a nationally recognized standard accepted by industry leaders.

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Whatever your water storage needs, Rain Farmers has the rainwater storage tank and accessory products for you.

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